My Alaska

Alaska. The Great Land. The Last Frontier. Seward’s Icebox. Seward’s Folly.


Why blog about Alaska? My life here isn’t that exciting, but I never grow tired of the setting. It’s worth talking about.

I’m a third generation Alaskan. My mom was born here in 1936, and her father was a failed commercial fisherman — the sort of man who didn’t much enjoy actually fishing, but who would anchor up in remote coves and read pulp fiction in order to escape from my grandmother’s sharp tongue.

I don’t have a romantic outdoorsy profession — I’m not a logger or a fisherman or a gold miner or bush pilot or an oilman or a fur trapper or a park ranger (spit ). True, I’ve done my share of trapping and mining and fishing, and I still hunt when I get a chance. I’m trained as a lawyer, and I’ve represented a lot of loggers and miners. But I don’t get outdoors as much as I should, and I’m no photographer. So if you see any of my photos here, they will be snapshots, and bad ones at that.

My plan for this blog is to talk about life in Alaska. My life, when I happen to do anything Alaskan-ish. Other people’s lives, the rest of the time. There will be some politics, but I hope to keep it to a dull roar. There will be pretty pictures (taken by other people). And there will be lots of Alaskan links.

Thanks for stopping by!

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